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Leander's Most Trusted Tae Kwon Do Studio

Taekwondo Training For Kids and Adults of All Ages!

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Leander's Most Trusted Tae Kwon Do Studio


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Kids Taekwondo near Austin

Kids Taekwondo

Leander Taekwondo America has designed a number of comprehensive Kids Taekwondo programs to help children all over the Leander area develop confidence, self-discipline, and increased focus and mental aptitude! Simply fill out the form below and get started today!

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Kids Taekwondo near Austin

Teen Taekwondo

Our Teen Taekwondo program functions as a bridge between the building blocks of our Kids programs and the in-depth training regimen of our Adult course, in order to create an environment that matches the pace of our students' developing bodies and minds! Join today to learn more about our Teen Taekwondo program!

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Kids Taekwondo near Austin

Adult Taekwondo

Our Adult Tae Kwon Do program provides a wholesome, fun opportunity to dive into Tae Kwon Do's complex and exciting style, while honing vital life skills to boot! Fill out the form on your screen and join us in our Leander location today!

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Canica C.

My daughter and son have been trained by Bobby Lacy since 2012 and I have been grateful for him to have taught both my children not only Taekwondo but amazing life skills that will remain with them th...

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Ashley H.

Amazing school and instructor. Great program for both kids and adults....

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Zach H.

Mr. Lacy is an extremely talented martial artist and an even better instructor. The way that he motivates and trains all of his students is second to none. I highly recommend Leander Taekwondo America...

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Tiffany F.

Mr. Lacy has been passionate about taekwondo since he was 4 years-old and it shows. His classes are informative, entertaining, dynamic, and structured in a way kids crave. It's so nice to have a sport...

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Amanda S.

Leander Taekwondo America is a fantastic martial arts school. Mr. Lacy is knowledgeable and driven and really cares about his students progress. I highly recommend this school....

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Laurie C.

Mr. Lacy is an amazing martial artist and a superb teacher. I have worked with him for years and seen how he has developed his students in the taekwondo environment and OUTSIDE of taekwondo I making t...

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Martial Arts For The Whole Family

At Leander Taekwondo America, we strive to create an environment that fosters learning and growth. Through our reinvention of the tried-and-true methods of tae kwon do training, we have built programs suited for every age group that are guaranteed to help each student meet their goals both in and out of our studio! We are always ready to accept new students, so fill out the form on your screen and join Leander Taekwondo America today!


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What Can Tae Kwon Do Training Offer You?

Our programs are designed to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit in equal measure to ensure the success of every student!

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Our tae kwon do training is designed to instill even our youngest trainees with the confidence they need to tackle every challenge, both in martial arts and in everyday life! 

  • Discipline & Self-Control

    Discipline & Self-Control

    Discipline is the basis of all martial arts, and indeed the basis of any successful endeavor. Our training programs teach and hone discipline at a core level, providing invaluable tools for living healthy and well!

  • Family-Oriented Environment

    Family-Oriented Environment

    Leander Tae Kwon Do America is dedicated to bringing families together through the martial arts experience. Our instructors work actively with all involved family members to ensure a positive, fulfilling journey for every student!

  • New Friends & Mentors

    New Friends & Mentors

    Leander Tae Kwon Do America is more than just a martial arts studio, it's a community. Not only will our studio bring families closer, it will give students an opportunity to form lasting bonds with their instructors and fellow pupils!

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