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Ready to kick it with your buddy? Join us July 11th – 15th during your LTA buddy’s regular classes to learn some awesome martial arts moves and have some fun! If you love the class and choose to sign up that same day, you’ll get a $100 Gift Card that you can use on events and retail items!

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Waiver: As an inducement to cause Hero’s Way Taekwondo, LLC dba Leander Taekwondo America (LTA) to extend services to me, my spouse, and/or my children, and in consideration of the provisions of those services, I, the undersigned behalf myself, my heirs, assigns, personal representatives, my children and my estate, hereby state as follows: I understand and acknowledge that I, my spouse, and/or my children are about to engage in an activity which includes strenuous exercise and body contact which involves certain risks, as well as unanticipated risk which could result in injury, harm or death to myself, my property, or third parties. I am aware that Taekwondo is a vigorous activity involving bodily contact in a unique environment and as such it poses an abnormal risk of injury. I understand that Taekwondo, and related activities, always involves certain risk, including but not limited to, death, serious neck and spinal injuries, complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, and serious injury to any and all bones, joints, muscles, and internal organs. The risk of harm may be limited by the proper performance of instruction under the supervision of trained instructors, not never eliminated. In full awareness of the risks, both known and unknown, associated with the activities offered by LTA, I hereby expressly and voluntarily release LTA, its officers, agent, employees, and instructors from all responsibility, liability, claims, demands, charges, duties, injuries, actions, causes of action, suits, companies and promises of any nature whatsoever relating to or deriving from my, my spouse’s, and/or my children’s presence at the LTA premises or my participation in any activities directly or indirectly related to the activities at LTA. I voluntarily agree to assume all risk of personal injury, including paralysis or death, that may occur while I am in the facility of LTA or participating in an event or program via my membership with LTA. My participation in these activities is purely voluntary and I elect to participate in spite of the risks, and I further understand that my children will be fully supervised during this event time only and I hereby release all of the above-mentioned parties from any and all responsibility for my child during non-class or function related times. I further agree that I, my family, estate, heirs, or assigns will not bring any claim or suit against LTA, its instructors, staff, students, guests, landlord or any other parties on behalf of me or my child by any event short of a criminal act, and then only the criminal will be the subject of the complaint. This release shall be effective even if the loss, damage, or injury results or has resulted from the negligence, wrongful acts, omissions, breach of warranty, or strict tort liability of LTA. Finally, as an inducement for LTA to teach me, my child, grandchild, or other person that I am providing this membership for, I shall indemnify LTA, its instructors, staff, students, guests, and any and all additional defendants for all judgments, costs, attorney fees, and other expenses incurred should there be a claim against LTA, its instructors, staff, students, guests as a result of this member’s participation in any service, activities, or special event LTA offers. I understand and agree that this waiver, and covenant-not-to-sue, are intended as a broad and as inclusive as permitted by the law as of the State of Texas and I agree that if any portion is held invalid, the remainder of the waiver, and covenant-not-to-sue will continue in full legal force and effect. I further agree that the jurisdiction and venue for any legal proceedings arising out of this agreement will be within the State of Texas, Williamson County.

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