September National Tournament

September National Tournament

This month will mark the first time Leander Taekwondo America will be eligible to participate in a tournament, and it’s a national one at that!  With COVID preventing Taekwondo America (TA) from hosting a traditional tournament, the TA leadership has been able to pivot and put on the first ever Online National Tournament in TA history.  If you had an opportunity to see the High Rank Form Exhibition on August 15th, then you know that this event will be the next best thing to an actual in-person tournament.

The September National Tournament will also be unique beyond taking place online.  This tournament provides a convenience in participating that we would not have had otherwise.  Instead of traveling the Cincinnati, OH in order to compete, our student will be able to participate from within the school.  We will have special tournament setups for our competitors so they can still have that tournament feeling while enjoying a sort of home-field-advantage.  

This tournament will also allow Lil’ Dragons, White, Yellow, and Orange Belts the opportunity to participate in the Board Breaking Competition for the first time.  In the past, this competition has been reserved for Green Belts and above, but with the unique circumstances we find ourselves in, the competition has been opened up to all competitors.  Even if you feel that your student may struggle with board breaking, the additional practice will provide invaluable experience and confidence with board breaking techniques for when students will eventually have to break boards as part of their belt tests (Brown Belt & Above).

Additionally, this tournament will be provided at a discounted rate versus our regular tournaments.  You can opt to participate in the regular competition (forms & one-steps/sparring combos), the board breaking competition, and get an awesome tournament t-shirt all for just $85!

Tournaments are such special events for students and provides a great source of motivation to work hard and improve in class.  Beyond the immediate goal of vying for the gold medal, it also provides students those “Look at Me!” moments where they can show off to their family and friends.  I have participated in close to 100 tournaments and I cannot recommend them enough!  I hope you take advantage of this opportunity so you can see for yourself!

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