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LTA Summer of Awesomeness

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LTA Summer of Awesomeness

We have some EXCITING updates for our martial arts program this month!

Safety First Limited Re-Opening

We had our limited re-opening on May 18th and since then have made some adjustments to make sure all of our safety practices are up-to-date so we can safely provide the best in-person martial arts training in town!  I’ve attached a copy of our guidelines that are posted all throughout the school to show how we are practicing safe in-person training.  Beyond those guidelines and our daily cleaning regiment, we have teamed up with a professional disinfectant company - DIS.IN.FX.  They have sprayed an anti-microbial layer all throughout the school that is proven to repel coronavirus, stomach bugs, the flu, etc!  Prior to the spray, our school registered as a 2 on their microbe level test! To put that in perspective, 200 and lower is considered acceptable and 100 and lower is considered food-safe levels. We are excited to know that our school remains one of the cleanest places in town and just got even safer!

Updated Flexible Scheduling

While many of our students prefer our in-person training, we have some students who would rather train from the safety of their homes.  In order to provide quality services for all of our students, we have updated our scheduling to include in-person group classes that maintain social distancing as well as incorporate virtual classes and private lessons throughout the week.  All of our members enjoy access to our Live Zoom Classes as well as access to the recordings, TWO private lessons a week that can be done in-school or via Zoom, and participation in our on-site traditional group classes.  Check out our schedule at https://leanderta.com/Home/Schedule

NEW Virtual Summer Camps

Our first TA Virtual Summer Camp has been a hit!  With over 20 devices logged in everyday this week, all of our campers have had an absolute blast from the comfort of their own homes.  So far this week our campers have learned cartography ๐Ÿ—บ, juggling ๐Ÿคนโ™‚๏ธ, and yoga ๐Ÿง˜โ™€๏ธ as part of our Learn a Skill session!  That doesn't even include the Arts and Crafts ๐ŸŽจ, Weapons Training, TKD Classes ๐Ÿฅ‹, Fun Games, and MORE that we are also doing every day!  Our next camp starts June 22nd and promises to be even more awesome!  Limited spots are available to non-LTA members.  For more information or to sign-up head to https://leanderta.com/Home/Event/5317.

TWO New Summer Specials

We have TWO different summer specials going on right now that lets new members experience our awesome program at crazy discounts.  Our first offer is for 4 Weeks of Training & a Uniform for $79 ($70 Savings!).  That offer includes unlimited in-person and online classes for 4 weeks!  If you are looking for more savings, look no farther than our Summer Program Special.  Our Summer Program Special offers unlimited classes from now through August 31st and a uniform for $299 ($150 Savings!!!).  This special is perfect for any child looking for a new activity for the summer that is packed with benefits such a increased confidence, focus, and fitness!  To learn more about our specials, head to https://leanderta.com/Home/Offer/.

After all the craziness the first half of the year has brought, I'm looking forward to channeling the craziness into awesomeness this summer!  For questions on how to take advantage of any of our offerings you can call/text us at (512) 575-3319 or reach me by email at blacy@leanderta.com.

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