Opening, Part 2

Opening, Part 2

            After what felt like a lifetime of planning and preparation, I could never have imagined that achieving my childhood dream would look like this.  I’ll never forget the great joy of having my first group class, a kindergarten Girl Scout troop, in my very own school on Saturday, February 1st.  After what felt like years of not teaching a class while getting the school setup, it was everything I could ever want it to be.  The girls had a blast and I got to feel the immense, raw potential of teaching in my own school.

            I’ll also never forget our Grand Opening on February 22nd.  Not only did I have the opportunity to teach several new and pre-enrolled students how to break wood boards, I was surrounded by incredible friends who went out of their way to support me on my big day. What a feeling!

            Less than a month later, we closed our doors.  After less than a testing cycle of reaping the rewards of so much blood, sweat, and tears, I could no longer do the one thing I had worked so hard for.  It was devastating.  But the third and fifth tenets of Taekwondo are Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit, so in a way I had trained for this.  As a school owner, I was able to put together a dynamic online program with classes that balanced learning with fun.  I was also able to work with other school owners on a broader scale to create an online opportunity to showcase the amazing martial artists throughout our organization.  We had to re-imagine our programs at the drop of the hat to keep our students training and progressing, and I am incredibly proud of the success we’ve had in doing so.

            Despite our online success, there is nothing like in-person, live training.  Being able to interact with our students and feel the energy of a class is irreplaceable.  After teaching online for longer than our doors were open, I’m excited for the opportunity to get back on the mats.  I’m filled with optimism because I know that no matter what comes, we have a fantastic program that can adapt and flourish both in the classroom and online. 

            From day one, I’ve wanted to make sure our school was a community asset.  And I will do my best to continue to achieve that goal no matter what curve ball is thrown our way.  I want to thank our students for sticking with us through this roller coaster; their continued support allows us to still be here.  Our students know that we’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure they succeed, which is why we’ve been able to build a strong relationship in such a short amount of time.  While our classes may not look the same as before the pandemic, they will still embody the premium martial arts experience associated with the Taekwondo America family.


I look forward to the next chapter,

Bobby Lacy

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